6 Beautiful and Uplifting Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

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There’s no question that farmhouse style is currently leading the way in modern home decor. While this is true, it’s safe to say that your favorite farmhouse finds aren’t going to look dated or out of touch any time soon. That’s because farmhouse style can effortlessly combine design trends that make for a cozy, charming, welcoming result. Likewise, if you love the rustic touch of farmhouse decor but are looking for a more refined approach, modern farmhouse decor is the way to go. Check out these 6 modern farmhouse living room ideas!  Combine the rustic charm of traditional farmhouse style with the simplicity and freshness of contemporary design.

One of our modern farmhouse living Room ideas, showing red wooden chairs and mostly wooden furniture
Old fashioned rustic living room of a farmhouse with modern elements.

Make it Monochromatic

Modern home decor is all about embracing monochromatic colors, and farmhouse style is no exception. Designing a living room that feels chic, clean, and open is as simple as using different shades of the same color to cover everything from your seating arrangement and window treatments to your area rugs and throw pillows. This may sound boring, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Bring in much-needed texture with features, such as a reclaimed wood fireplace or chunky woven rug.  Then creating a living room that looks like it was professionally curated will be a breeze. Bottom line? Pick a color and stick with it for a modern vibe.

Brighten Things Up

Something that everyone loves about modern farmhouse decor is its bright, open atmosphere. If the floor plan of your home isn’t particularly open or spacious, don’t worry. You can still achieve a bright, inviting ambiance by prioritizing light. If you’re fortunate enough to have many windows or a few large ones, be sure to let in as much natural light as possible by choosing subtle window treatments.  Try not to block them with bulky furniture.

If your living room doesn’t have access to ample natural light, layering different light sources, such as table and floor lamps, can help keep even the tiniest spaces balanced and well-lit. Another trick to optimize the light in your living room is to strategically position mirrors across from windows and lamps to instantly double any available lighting.

Think Outside the Box

A bright Mediterranean-type of a farmhouse showing huge windows and wooden-type furniture.
View of a spacious living room with fireplace in a bright Mediterranean farmhouse.

Farmhouse decor is anything but boring. If you think that you have to stick with neutral colors and subtle patterns to make your farmhouse dreams come to life, think again. Surprisingly, farmhouse style can easily adapt as your family’s tastes and needs change. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and pair unexpected elements, such as a Persian rug, with traditional or rustic farmhouse accessories, such as an industrial wall clock. The result will be a space that is as comfortable as it is interesting.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Look in any farmhouse decor magazine and you’re sure to notice one reoccurring theme: texture. There are numerous ways to incorporate texture into your farmhouse living room, including

  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Rope
  • Metal

Regardless of whether you’re striving to design a space that is contemporary and simple or eclectic and rustic, bringing in features with plenty of texture is a must. While fireplaces and ceilings are great pieces to highlight in many farmhouse living rooms that often have beautiful features to show off, you don’t need a unique architectural element to highlight texture in your living room. Other creative ways to make a space more visually appealing with texture include: area rugs, storage baskets, and light fixtures.

Embrace a Theme

Believe it or not, there are many ways to decorate your home with farmhouse decor and furnishings. Whether you choose more traditional, rustic, or contemporary pieces, sticking with one specific theme can help your home feel cohesive and balanced. Here are some simple tips to help you get started no matter what farmhouse theme you choose for your home:

  • Traditional: The best thing about decking your home out in traditional farmhouse decor is that it will never go out of style. Rather than choosing pieces that are trendy and contemporary, opt for more classic features, such as gingham upholstery, a warm color palette, and exposed brick.
  • Rustic: You can’t go wrong with a rustic, “old farmhouse” aesthetic for your ideal living room design. The best way to make your rustic living room feel cozy and authentic? Incorporate vintage pieces. Hitting up your local antique store, investing in accessories with a vintage feel, or taking the time to distress items you already have around your home are great ways to effortlessly add one-of-a-kind charm to your living spaces.
  • Contemporary: To make your modern farmhouse dreams come to life, be sure to choose a light, neutral color scheme as well as clean, minimalist accessories. Less is more when it comes to designing a contemporary farmhouse living room. Likewise, don’t shy away from trendy pieces, such as statement light fixtures, and unique artwork.

Add Some Houseplants

2021 is the year of the houseplants! The simplest way to spruce up your living room and, of course, add some farmhouse charm is to bring in a houseplant or two. Not only can plants keep the air in your home fresh and clean, but they are great at incorporating color and texture to spaces lacking a finishing touch. Best of all, there’s no wrong way to decorate with plants.

Consider putting a few succulents on your coffee table for a gorgeous centerpiece arrangement, sticking some trendy snake plants on a stylish stand to give life to an empty corner, or even hang one from your ceiling for a fun surprise. No matter how you approach it, you’re sure to feel better with a bit more greenery in your home.

Designing a living room that Joanna Gaines would adore doesn’t have to be difficult. Classic Farmhouse Decor can help you make your modern farmhouse visions a reality. From artwork and window treatments to mirrors and shelves, we have everything you need to create a stylish, comfortable living room in your home. Visit us online to check out our large selection of quality farmhouse home decor and furnishings today.

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