Simple Tips to Tastefully Accessorize with Farmhouse Decor

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It’s no secret that farmhouse style is one of the most popular trends in modern home decor, and for good reason. Its rustic aesthetic and cozy charm is stylish, family-friendly, and, best of all, can be personalized to fit any space or budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a design expert to easily achieve the coveted farmhouse look in your own home. With the right accessories and a few simple tips, you can effortlessly bring your farmhouse decor dreams to life. Here’s how:

Happy couple having breakfast in their newly-accessorized farmhouse kitchen
Couple having breakfast in their kitchen

Mix & Match

One feature that sets farmhouse decor apart from other design trends is its ability to seamlessly combine old and new pieces in a way that can instantly make a space more interesting and inviting. The good news is this can also make furnishing your home with farmhouse style more affordable. Instead of purchasing exclusively new decorations and furniture for your home, consider checking out consignment shops, yard sales, and your own attic for vintage pieces that could be given a second life while adding much-needed visual intrigue to your home. Keep in mind that the best way to bring rustic charm to any room in your house is to find items that complement each other without matching perfectly, such as dining room chairs, sofas, and side tables.

Group Like Items Together

Sometimes, the most ordinary item can make your farmhouse decor pop in the most unexpected way when displayed in a playful manner. For instance, hanging mismatched antique china plates from a garage sale or in your grandmother’s cabinet is a simple way to add some personality to your wall without overwhelming the room. Likewise, stacks of books, different size glass decanters, or candle sticks of varying heights are wonderful options to put a unique spin on an otherwise dull corner, wall, or tabletop. When in doubt, group like items together to pull the whole room together.

Incorporate Texture

A simple way to add personality to any room in your home is by thoughtfully bringing in textured accessories. To help your home feel welcoming yet contemporary, be sure to incorporate an array of different textures and patterns from the ceiling to the floor. Reclaimed wood furniture, wicker baskets or rugs, and even rope accessories are all items that can add texture and personality to any room of your farm house. Pro tip: after using one or two strong textures, such as jute or burlap, consider off-setting them with softer textures, such as linen or cotton. The result will be a polished, well-balanced space that will look like it was designed by an expert.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

The color palette that you choose to incorporate into your farmhouse matters. Rather than choosing bright, bold paint, furnishings, and accessories, it’s best to stick with neutral tones and subtle patterns to make your farmhouse-inspired dream a reality. By incorporating light neutrals, such as whites, creams, and grays on everything from your walls and curtains to area rugs and throw pillows, you will provide a gorgeous palette for your rustic accessories to truly shine. If white walls and soft colors sounds boring to you, don’t fret! Choosing neutrals with subtle undertones, such as blues, greens, or yellows will give your home a bit more pizazz without taking away from its understated beauty. No matter what color you choose, the result will make your home feel spacious and airy while comfy and warm.

Consider the Scale

Even the most attractive accessories won’t add value to your home if they aren’t the appropriate size for the space they’re in. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the needs of the room you are designing before investing in furnishings and decor that are too big or too small. Just because a room in your home is large doesn’t mean that it should be filled with an array of tiny knick-knacks that are sure to get lost within the space or make it look cluttered and closed in. On the contrary, one large piece of artwork, such as a farmhouse clock, or a few black and white photographs framed in simple wood frames may be a better option that makes a big impact without taking away from the room’s ambiance. Similarly, using fewer items that make a bigger statement in a small space is the best way to ensure it looks clean and open rather than messy or closed in.

Couple looking for different ways to accessorize their farmhouse
Looking for ways to decorate home

Create a Gallery Wall

If the thought of accessorizing with farmhouse decor seems daunting, a gallery wall is an easy place to get started. Not only can a gallery wall highlight what is most important to you, such as pictures of your loved ones or meaningful family items, but it can also enhance the entire atmosphere of the room. While gallery walls can be created virtually anywhere, they work particularly well in living rooms, bedrooms, and even up staircases. To curate a gallery wall like a pro, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose items of varying sizes and styles
  • Mix photographs with wooden letters, signs, and quotes for a rustic touch
  • Add unexpected items when possible, such as clocks, mirrors, or even utensils

Add Outdoor Elements

Perhaps the easiest farmhouse design tip of all is bringing the outdoors in. Whether you choose to incorporate a few potted plants in your bedroom, drape garland over your mantle, or make a centerpiece out of bare branches arranged in a glass pitcher, using natural elements to liven up the rooms in your farmhouse doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Wood, greenery, and flowers can effortlessly bring color, texture, and personality to any space in your home, so don’t be afraid to welcome the outdoors into your home!

When it’s time to accessorize your home with farmhouse decor, remember less is more. With a subtle color palette, a few vintage pieces, and some outdoor elements, you will be well on your way to pulling together a space that is as warm and inviting as it is rustic and charming. For more tips on tastefully accessorizing your home with farmhouse decor and everything you need to do just that, Classic Farmhouse Decor is here to help. Visit us today to see how easy designing your perfect farmhouse can be!

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