5 Simple Tips to Create a Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Centerpiece

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Candles with flowers and plants made into a farmhouse dining room centerpiece in a rustic home.
Adding candles and flowers for your farmhouse dining room centerpiece.

When it comes to designing a gorgeous farmhouse-inspired dining room, the small details are just as important as the bold statement pieces you choose to incorporate into the space. Along with a handsome table set, charming light fixtures, and an eye-catching wall hanging, such as a vintage mirror, it’s important to complete your farmhouse dining room with beautiful finishing touches, such as a rustic centerpiece, that are essential to pulling the whole look together.

Check out these 5 practical tips to easily create breathtaking farmhouse centerpieces that will make eating and entertaining at home a pleasure.


Whether you’re striving to embrace a minimalist aesthetic or are hoping to create an elaborate and over-the-top look, you can’t go wrong with displaying flowers in the center of your table. Their simplicity, variety, and natural beauty make them the ideal focal point for any farmhouse dining area. Best of all, they can be customized to fit your particular style and budget. Here are five tips to add to your farmhouse dining room with a beautiful floral centerpiece.

  • Lovely & No-Fuss: place a few Gerber daisies, tulips, or hydrangeas in a white pitcher. The result will be a clean, fresh, and inviting look that will make your family and guests want to gather around the table to share a meal together.
  • Rustic & Homey: stick wildflowers in an unexpected container, such as an old wooden tool box or blank.
  • Sophisticated & Understated: pair white flowers, such as lilies, in a few matching clear vases.

You don’t have to be a professional decorator to put together a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement. When in doubt, remember that less is more. Sometimes all you need are a few fresh flowers in a simple glass container to make your farmhouse dining area come to life with rustic personality and charm.


Along with flowers, candles are a classic centerpiece option that can be arranged in the simplest or most elaborate of ways, depending on the unique needs and style of your dining room. Check out these tips to incorporating candles on your tabletop like a pro.

  • For a romantic feel that is appropriate for weeknight dinners and special occasions alike, place an odd number (3 or 5 would probably look the best) of candlesticks of varying heights in the middle of the table, either lined up in a row or positioned together in a group.
  • To bring the beauty of candles and flowers together, position an arrangement of small flowers, such as lavender, around one large white candle in a clear vase. The result will be charming yet classy.
  • For an impressive yet surprisingly simple centerpiece, position two candles on either side of your table with a flower arrangement or other focal point in the middle.

Candles shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for holidays or celebrations. Using candles as your dining room table’s centerpiece is a simple way to make even the most ordinary days with your family and friends feel special.


The best farmhouse decorations are normal items that you’d find around your house that can become part of the room’s aesthetic appeal, such as fruit. While fruit may not seem interesting or particularly stylish at first glance, when used appropriately, it can make some of the most lovely home decor accents, including a dining room centerpiece. Keep these tips in mind to make your farmhouse centerpiece bright and cheery with fruit.

  • Don’t overthink it. Displaying a bunch of oranges or apples in a wooden bowl might be all you need to bring your dining area to life.
  • Choose colors that complement the space. If your dining room is decorated in a neutral color scheme, pick a bright-colored fruit to add a much-needed pop of color, such as vibrant lemons or limes. On the other hand, if your dining room is colorful, choose a color that is used frequently throughout the room to incorporate into your fruit arrangement, such as pears for an earthy touch.
  • If you love the tasteful look that an arrangement of fruit can add to your tabletop but are worried about having to replace fresh fruit frequently, artificial fruit may be a better low-maintenance option to achieve the look you have in mind.

Natural Elements

No matter what features you decide to use for your farmhouse centerpiece, bringing in a natural element or two is an easy way to instantly make the whole room feel rustic and inviting. Check out these easy ideas to incorporate the best of nature on your tabletop.

  • Sprinkle smooth, neutral-colored stones around your candle sticks or at the bottom of a clear vase topped with flowers for a subtle, yet visually intriguing touch.
  • Place bare branches or sticks in a vase alone or sticking out of a flower arrangement for a dramatic and surprising aesthetic.
  • Lay a piece of reclaimed wood in the middle of the table, then place vases, flowers, or candles on top of it to add texture and dimension to your centerpiece.

Keep It Practical

Nothing says “farmhouse style” quite like a centerpiece that looks great while meeting the everyday needs of your family at mealtime. With this in mind, consider putting together a rustic centerpiece that anyone who sits at your table would be able to utilize while they enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal.

For example, place a galvanized tray in the center of the table to hold everything from napkins and utensils to a butter dish and salt and pepper shakers. By doing this, your centerpiece won’t just look amazing but will save you the trouble of running back to the kitchen for items you’ll use on a regular basis. Pro-tip: to add a stylish touch to your practical centerpiece, pair your dining necessities with a small vase of flowers or a scented candle.

Creating the perfect centerpiece for your farmhouse table doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little creativity, a few everyday items and natural pieces you already have in your own home, and with our help, you can easily design a rustic centerpiece that will make enjoying intimate dinners at home unforgettable. Visit us online today!

Rustic dining room centerpiece with several candles and flowers.
Exploring festive designs for your rustic farmhouse dining room centerpiece.
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