Cottage Decor: 5 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

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Who doesn’t love the comfortable, organic nature of modern cottage decor? Its rustic charm, cozy details, and approachable design make it a popular style that people of all ages are drawn to, and for good reason. While cottage-inspired decor is a relatively easy, affordable, convenient style to implement into your own home, there are a few important elements that can have a big impact on the overall ambiance of your living spaces. Check out these 5 important steps that you’re forgetting to do that are sure to instantly elevate your cottage decor.

Mix and Match

If you think that the pieces you bring into your cottage home should match perfectly, think again. In fact, it’s better to do just the opposite. Rather than buying furniture sets, throw pillows, and decorations that are identical, strive to invest in items that complement one another but are different. This doesn’t only apply to colors and patterns, but styles as well.

For instance, the masculine charm of a weathered leathered armchair may look lovely positioned next to the feminine softness of lace curtain panels. Likewise, modern brass dining room chairs would look as charming as ever paired with a handsome antique wooden table. While mixing and matching pieces that don’t naturally seem to go well together may feel contradictory, the result will create a refreshing, personalized atmosphere that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Let Natural Light In

Modern cottage home with neutral-colored furniture and large windows.
Letting natural light into your cottage home.

Your cottage furniture and accessories may be beautiful and perfectly-coordinated, but what good will that be if the space they’re in feels dark or closed in? Helping your home feel bright and spacious is easier than you may realize. The secret is prioritizing natural light. To let as much sunshine into your home as possible and enhance the beauty and ambiance of your cottage decor, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid blocking windows with bulky furniture.
  • Choose light window treatments, such as curtain panels, instead of heavy ones, such as drapery.
  • Position mirrors across from windows to maximize the amount of natural light that streams into the room.

When your home is illuminated by natural light, it won’t just look better but will feel more inviting as well. With this in mind, it’s as important to consider how you use natural light as it is what cottage furniture and decorations you bring into a space. The more available sunshine, the better!

Incorporate Greenery

No cottage-inspired room is complete without a touch of greenery. If your rustic home seems to be missing something, a houseplant or two may be just the thing you need to pull the rest of the decorations together. Cottage decor is all about bringing outdoor elements indoors, and what better way to accomplish this than with plants? Whether you display a bouquet of fresh flowers on your breakfast room table, position a couple of peace lilies in your master bedroom, or sprinkle miniature succulents around your cottage kitchen, adding greenery to your living spaces is an easy way to effectively bring your cottage decor to life. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries! Artificial houseplants can add just as much texture and personality as their living counterparts without the hassle of keeping them alive.


If cottage decor were summarized in one word it would be “simple.” Its uncomplicated, easy nature is what makes cottage style feel so welcoming and homey. To contribute to the rustic simplicity of your cottage-inspired home, it’s important to get rid of any excess clutter that may be overcrowding the surfaces in your living spaces. When your bookshelves, tabletops, and walking space is filled with an abundance of knick-knacks and junk, the space will feel small, dark, and closed in, rather than inviting and comfortable. With this in mind, it’s best to only include the essentials in your cottage home and leave out the rest. If your home could benefit from a weekend of decluttering to enhance its cottage style, keep these tips in mind:

  • Work in one room at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed or distracted.
  • Start in one corner and work your way around in a circle.
  • If you find an item that you no longer use, need, or love, let it go.

Getting rid of items that you’ve had for a long time may not be easy, but it will certainly be worth it to achieve a more stylish, open, refreshing cottage home. You may surprise yourself by just how different a room can feel by simply clearing out the clutter.

Embrace Neutrals

Nothing can make or break the overall look of your cottage decor like choosing the right color. While bold colors and bright patterns may catch your eye, it’s best to work with a subtle, understated palette to achieve a gorgeous rustic result. If you aren’t sure which colors would work best in your home, you can’t go wrong with a classic neutral color scheme.

A cottage home with large windows and wooden furniture with neutral color scheme.
Embracing a classic neutral color scheme.

Painting your walls a crisp white or soft tan may seem boring, but when paired with distinct furnishings and stylish accessories, it will be just the opposite. Rather than feeling dull or cold, a neutral color palette has the ability to make your home feel big, open, and bright. Don’t get too hung up on staying completely neutral if you’re a color-lover. You can still design a one-of-a-kind cottage home with a pastel yellows, soft blues, and sweet greens. The trick is to incorporate them in a way that complements the space without overwhelming it.

You don’t have to hire an interior designer or spend a lot of money to make your cottage-inspired dreams a reality. With a few rustic pieces, charming details, and these practical steps, you can easily revamp your home to be a comfortable, stylish cottage in no time. For more cottage wall decor ideas and everything you need to decorate a beautiful, rustic home, visit our store online today. From stunning mirrors and area rugs to floating shelves and candleholders, our selection of unique farmhouse and cottage finds is unmatched.

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