5 Unbelievably Simple Ideas For A Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

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Transforming your kitchen does not have to cost you a fortune. You can blend rustic ideas with modern designs to achieve a nostalgic and functional, and stylish look.  Whether you are remodeling an old kitchen or building from scratch, prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Here are 5 unbelievably simple ideas for your modern rustic kitchen design.

1. Rustic Kitchen Floor

A rustic kitchen design allows you to incorporate your outdoor inspirations into your kitchen design seamlessly. You can achieve this look by laying a wooden floor from reclaimed wood.

This will give you an inexpensive classic look. If you use hardwood, it will withstand heavy boots and dog paws.

Bricks on your kitchen floor look cozy, but they may flake prematurely from heavy human traffic. Consider using brick-like tiles that give continuity and create patterns. A wood herringbone kitchen floor will also give a brick-like rustic look.

Try a natural stone floor if you are looking for a more rustic, cozy farmhouse feel. The stone may have a rough skid-proof surface, but you can also go for jewel stones for a more contemporary look.  Whatever style you choose, ensure the wall colors blend well with your floor design.

2. Rustic Kitchen Island

There are endless ways of creating a rustic kitchen island for a cottage or farmhouse look.  Blend the kitchen island with modern ideas to create a fusion between classic and modern styles.

Modern rustic kitchen design with different wooden furniture and fixtures.
Incorporating wood elements into your kitchen.

Do you have an old military metal desk you no longer use? You can creatively cover it with a wooden tabletop for a rustic kitchen island. Play around with the colors to get a rustic kitchen island that blends with your kitchen walls.

Reclaimed wood makes perfect rustic kitchen islands. With a hardwood countertop, painted wooden frame, and discreet stools, you get a beautiful and functional island.

You can also use old wooden crates to make a rustic island. Use wood planks for the surface and paint the island white for a rustic feel. The island size depends on your kitchen size and the number of people you expect to host in your kitchen.

If you want a movable rustic island you can use for your outdoor dining, fix tiny wheels. Putting drawers and spaces underneath the island gives you additional storage spaces.

Fixing golden handles on your rustic island gives an illusion that it has drawers. Ensure the island matches with your kitchen cabinets for a truly rustic feel and look.

3. Barn-Style Kitchen Siding

Your barn-style kitchen island siding can come from weathered reclaimed wood. You can reclaim the wood from barn wood beams and barn doors and cut them to appropriate sizes.

The wood is already treated and painted. Choose one color for a monochrome island or combine colors for a mix and match look.

You can lay the wood horizontally or vertically. Lay the wood artistically to create different shapes of kitchen islands. You can also include other features that enhance the rustic look, such as the ‘X shape’ and wire netting cabinet to remind you of a chicken coop.

For a complete barn-style kitchen island, incorporate open cabinets where you can place baskets. A marble or rustic metal top will make the island look both modern and rustic. You can also fit a sink on the edge of your island to enhance its functionality.

The size will depend on the available space. If you have a large kitchen, consider transforming an old butcher’s table into a rustic island with a marble top and sink. When you pair your barn-style kitchen island with matching stools, you create a blend of classic and modern kitchen island that is both good-looking and useful.

4. Shiplap Accent Walls

Shiplap wood boards add personality, texture, and depth to your kitchen. Shiplap is versatile, blending with any style, be it modern, farmhouse, or rustic.

You can use shiplap boards around the backsplash, behind, and underneath kitchen cabinets to create vertical or horizontal patterns that make the kitchen appear larger. Vertical shiplap boards make the space seem more spacious and taller as they draw your eyes upward.

If you lay your shiplap horizontally, you create an illusion of expanded space. When they blend with your floor patterns and cabinetry, shiplap makes a bold statement, drawing your family to a welcoming dining space.

Most people go for white paint on shiplap for their accent walls. However, you can choose any color to match the rest of your kitchen interior décor.

5. Rustic Kitchenware

If stainless steel appliances and hoods dominate your modern kitchen, it is probably time to consider throwing in some rustic pieces. They are not only durable but also classic and functional.

Rustic kitchen with wooden counter-height dining table and stools, hanging light fixtures, bench, and view into living room.
Having a clean, modern look for your kitchen.

Add some wooden spoons and ladles and see how they will transform your kitchen. Wooden plates, a wooden salt keg, and trays make perfect additions to your rustic kitchen.

You can also transform your kitchen by adding some rustic metal cookware pan racks or a bamboo kitchen utensils holder.

Vintage mason jar pepper and saltshakers, bamboo chopping boards and ceramic, or wooden mortars give your kitchen a rustic feel. For a blend of rustic and modern look in your kitchen, incorporate wooden, ceramic, and metallic kitchenware.

Have you tried using a galvanized metal egg basket? It is functional, safe, and classic for your egg display, reminding you of a chicken feeder in a coop.

Country galvanized serving trays are nice to hold and easy to carry. Their wooden handles give you a firm grip. Use them to serve drinks and food the farmhouse way.

They are also excellent for holding your TV remotes or organizing your magazines. Get them from the Classic Farm House Décor and choose the medium or small size.

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