5 Tips to Decorate Your Rustic Home for Summer

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Everyone loves summer. Its long days and warm weather make it the perfect time of year to relax with the ones you love most and make memories that will last for years to come. To make sure that this summer is the best one yet, be sure to decorate your home in the latest rustic home trends that are as stylish and inviting as they are practical and comfy. Here are 5 easy farmhouse decorating ideas from the design experts at Classic Farmhouse Decor that are worth incorporating into your home this summer.

Play With Color

So much of the joy that comes during the summertime can be encapsulated in the bright, bold colors of the season. In place of the soft tones of spring or the dark palette of winter, don’t be afraid to embrace the rich, saturated colors of the summer months.

A rustic home design for summer, adding colors to home interior by putting plants and colorful furniture
Adding a touch of summer color to your home interior

Even if your rustic home is decked out in crisp neutrals and understated tones, using pops of color through accessories is a great way to make your living spaces feel more seasonally appropriate. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Put bright-colored fruit, such as oranges, lemons, or limes, in a white or clear bowl for a simple yet gorgeous centerpiece to pair with your farmhouse dining room table.
  • Incorporate colorful figurines in your kitchen or living room, such as this playful rooster statue.
  • Add accent pillows with a bold print to your sofa, bed, or outdoor seating area.

By utilizing deep reds and oranges, bold blues and greens, and rich golds and purples, your farmhouse home will become the perfect backdrop to any summer gathering, big or small.

Use Lots of Greenery

Nothing says “summer” like a spread of gorgeous houseplants and flowers both inside and out. If you’re looking for a quick way to make your farmhouse-inspired home feel more summer-ready, bringing in some greenery is a great place to start. While filling your front porch and home with ferns, daisies, hydrangeas, and other eye-catching plants would surely make it look and feel more welcoming and beautiful, caring for a garden or array of plants may sound intimidating to folks who weren’t blessed with a green thumb. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-maintenance houseplants that can make your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms feel homey without the fear of killing them, including snake plants, spider plants, and peace lilies. Of course, to keep things even easier and ensure that your greenery looks fabulous all year long, you can’t go wrong with artificial plants, such as these adorable succulents.

Swap Out Fabrics

Just as you would transition your wardrobe from heavy fabrics that keep you warm in the winter to light clothing options that breathe easily in the summer, it’s necessary to do the same with the fabrics and upholstery you use in your home. The result will not only look more refreshing, but will ensure that your family and guests are as comfortable as possible when you hang out, rest, and entertain. A great place to start is your bedroom. Swap out thick sheets and heavy comforters for lighter alternatives. Be sure to choose fabrics that will keep you cool as you sleep, such as cotton, linen, and silk. Other fabrics that could be transitioned between seasons include curtains, throw pillows, blankets, and towels. It may not seem necessary at first, but you’ll be thankful you took this extra step when you’re cool and comfy no matter where you are in your home this summer.

Give Your Porch a Facelift

When it comes to beautifying your rustic home for summer, you can’t forget the porch! While outdoor areas are a nice play to relax and visit with company year-round, front porches are a particularly pleasant spot to spend warm summer evenings with your family and friends. If it’s been a while since you gave your porch area a second thought, now is the time to give it the thought and attention it deserves. Here are some simple ways to make a big statement with your farmhouse porch area this summer:

  • Provide an outdoor sectional, bench, or swing to unwind with a glass of lemonade.
  • Hang string lights around your porch area to make your summer nights feel romantic and special.
  • Make sure your front door is the star of the show with a fresh coat of paint, gorgeous floral wreath, and welcome mat.
  • Take it to the next level with cozy accessories, such as an outdoor area rug, plenty of potted plants, and accent pillows.

Keep It Casual

While the winter months and holiday season may be about making every day feel like a celebration, summer does just the opposite. It’s the season that celebrates the every day. With this in mind, be sure to choose farmhouse decor and accessories that are casual and promote comfort as much as possible.

A rustic home's backyard in summer, showing colorful furniture, fixtures, and greeneries
Making the most out of your rustic home’s free spaces

For instance, rather than putting your fresh-cut flowers in a fancy vase, why not highlight their natural beauty by sticking them in a simple mason jar? Likewise, choosing industrial materials and rustic finishes to pieces that are traditionally more elaborate, such as this wood farmhouse chandelier, can make any space in your home feel contemporary and inviting. Another simple way to keep it casual in your home this summer is to use outdoor elements in your home decor. Storing blankets and pillows in woven baskets, filling a glass vase with stones or shells, and dressing your windows in wooden blinds are small features that can make a big impact on the style and comfort of your home this summer.

Classic Farmhouse Decor Can Enhance Your Rustic Home This Summer

Decorating your home this summer should be as simple and enjoyable as the season is itself. For the best in farmhouse furnishings, decor, and accessories for every room in your home, Classic Farmhouse Decor is here for you. Visit us online today to elevate your home with unique, stylish pieces that are guaranteed to serve your family well for years to come.

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