Affordable Ways To Create A Rustic Farmhouse Style Bedroom

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The rustic farmhouse style bedroom has gained in popularity over the years, and for the right reasons.  They are not only warm and approachable, but also family friendly. Their pretty versatile style also mixes well with other styles, allowing you to play with the amount of country inspiration you need in a space.

You do not need to live in a cabin or farm

house to decorate your bedroom in farmhouse style. All you need to do is embrace the country vibe, and that makes farmhouse-style bedrooms feel warm, cozy, and welcoming.

Embracing natural elements  doesn’t mean that your bedroom should look like a campsite. You can easily balance the rustic elements with modern designs for a perfect farmhouse-style bedroom. The trick is to keep things as simple as possible. Cabin-inspired pieces make your bedroom feel cozy, but if you use too many pieces, they will look out of place.

If you are looking for a seamless, affordable way to redecorate your bedroom in a rustic farmhouse style , this article is for you. We will discuss furnishing and accent ideas that you can use to make your bedroom feel cozy. Let’s dive in.

Four poster bed and a rocking chair

If you want your farmhouse bedroom to look authentic, you should consider getting a four-poster bed and a rocking chair. The bed and chair will make your master bedroom feel easy and warm.

You can also choose to have a wooden bench at the foot of the bed where you can place storage baskets.

White and yellow color scheme

The classic farmhouse color is yellow. Yellow is warm, welcoming, and jolly. Additionally, it easily blends in with other colors. I recommend painting the walls yellow and having most of the furniture painted white. Yellow and white will give your master bedroom a bright feel.

All-white color scheme

If you are skeptical about having a yellow color scheme, you can choose to have an all-white color scheme. Creamy white is the perfect color if you want to achieve a farmhouse style.

Rustic farmhouse bedroom featuring a four-poster bed and white furniture and fixtures.
Trying an all-white color scheme for your farmhouse bedroom.

The white color will make your master bedroom feel cozy and serene. Additionally, the color makes the room feel airy and fresh.

Cozy fabric

It would be best if you chose the cozy fabric to complement your rustic aesthetic. Note that the embodiment of farmhouses significantly relies on natural fabrics, wood, and raw materials. I highly recommend choosing a cozy fabric that is white in color. If you don’t want it to be all white, you can go for soft-colored accents.

Simple patterns

For a farmhouse-style bedroom, you need to keep the patterns as simple as possible. The only patterns you should consider incorporating into your bedroom are simple trellis and classic stripes. These patterns give the room an airy feel.


Every farmhouse-style bedroom should have a quilt. You can either buy a vintage quilt online, in a specialty shop, or at an antique mall. If you do not get a vintage quilt, you can always buy a new quilt that appears somewhat old. Layer your quilt over the bedspread for a classic rustic farmhouse look.

You can always choose a bright-colored quilt to add a splash of color to your bedroom, even if your color scheme leans towards softer hues. Just be sure to keep the rest of the room subdued to align with farmhouse style.


If you are looking for a rustic feel, don’t go to the regular nightstands. Instead, you can use an antique trunk. On top of it, you can place a vintage clock, a lamp, and a small pitcher. If you are feeling adventurous, you can add a classic sign right above the nightstand.

Alternatively, you can revamp an old chair by painting it with a fresh coat then scrape paint off the edges a little bit so that it appears rustic. The chair would make for an ideal traditional bedside table. To decorate it, place a vase with fresh flowers on it.


You can use artwork to bring the outdoors to your bedroom. Choose nature-themed artwork featuring mountains or animals to give your master bedroom that farmhouse feel. This colorful country cow wall painting would look great in a farmhouse-style bedroom.

Modern rustic style bedroom in a farmhouse showing wooden furniture, neutral wall colors, and wall decors.
Transforming how your bedroom looks.

Seating corner

Like any other bedroom, you will need to have a comfortable place where you can sit when you want to read a book, have a cup of coffee, or just relax after a long day.

You can set a comfortable armchair in one corner of the room for that. If you sit there frequently, you should also consider getting an ottoman so you can prop your feet when relaxing. If you sit there to read, it would be best if you had a source of light close by.


Consider buying a wood rustic floor mirror to make your bedroom feel even cozier. Alternatively, you can get an antique wall mirror.

Choose useful decor over purely decorative pieces.

Note that for a farmhouse-style bedroom, you need to avoid clutter as much as possible. Instead, you can use décor that is useful. For example, baskets can double up as storage for some of your essential items. However, you can use a few purely decorative pieces to give the room personality.

Decorate the dresser top with classic farmhouse collectibles

If you have a dresser in your bedroom, you should decorate the dresser top with farmhouse collectibles to give your room a rustic feel. You can use rustic candle holders, glass jars, or a metal jug containing a sprig of cotton balls as décor.

Use household items to decorate

You can use household items to decorate your farmhouse-style bedroom. For example, instead of using regular vases on your nightstand, use mason jars or bottles instead.

Wooden furniture

When choosing furniture for your farmhouse-style bedroom, go for wooden furniture. The pieces of furniture do not necessarily have to come as a set. Choose furniture that will give your room an authentic feel, e.g., a reclaimed wood farmhouse armoire.


Complete the rustic feel with dreamy farmhouse curtains. Remember to use muted neutral colors like creams, whites, taupes, and soft grays so that your room maintains a crisp, clean look.

While decorating, keep everything as simple as possible, and avoid clutter. Your bedroom won’t feel cozy if there is too much clutter.

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