Rustic Wood Floating Wall Shelves



Organize your clutter, and clear off your counters with these Rustic Wood Floating Wall Shelves.  Set of three shelves.  Unlike many competitors, these are built using solid Paulownia wood and matte metal brackets, and will add a decorative touch to your wall while also creating versatile storage.  Perfect for adding rustic flair to many rooms, but definitely the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen.  The wood has a torched, stressed finish, and industrial-style triangular metal brackets that can be installed in a number of different configurations to suit your style.  The shelves are great for mounting decorations, toys, pictures, plants, trophies, and more.


  • Large: 16½ inches by 6 inches by 4¾ inches
  • Medium: 14¼ inches by 6 inches by 4¾ inches
  • Small: 11½ inches by 6 inches by 4¾ inches
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