Globe Indoor Outdoor String Lights



These Globe Indoor Outdoor String Lights give you a very straightforward way to get ambiance lighting anywhere in or around your home.  Put these LED lights outside on your deck, porch, or balcony, or on trees in your yard, or even inside your dorm room or other indoor living area.  The bulbs provide a clear, decorative glow, and are dimmable (though the dimmer switch is sold separately).  Each string has a 25 foot cord before the string of 25 bulbs begins, and the bulbs are a foot apart from each other.  You can even connect up to 17 strings together to get more lighted space.  Mounting is very easy, as you just hang or drape the lights as desired.


  • IP44 weather rating – can be used for outdoor events and ambiance lighting.
  • G40-type LED globe bulbs are used
  • Additional mounting kit not included
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